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Fireplace Holders and Wood Baskets - For Function and Beauty

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A fireplace is often one of the most cherished features in a home and is a great place for friends to gather or to simply enjoy and evening staring at the flames.  However, like most of the things we really love, a fireplace takes effort and time to keep in working order and available for use whenever we like.  Fireplace accessories like wood baskets and log holders help keep the fire going strong while also enhancing the overall decorative appeal of the entire area.

Storing your firewood often begins outdoors and is vital if you hope to be able to start a fire whenever you like.  Without it, your wood will sit on the ground, become damp, and ultimately fail to burn properly.  Insects are also a major concern where firewood is concerned so the best way to avoid all of these problems is store the wood above the ground so it can stay dry and away from the bugs.  Buying a quality crafted rack is critical as it will be exposed to the elements making oxidation a real concern so be sure to invest in the best and avoid having to replace it every other season.

In addition to exterior firewood storage, you will also need a place in the hearth area to store “ready-to-burn” logs.  Wood baskets make fantastic hearth accessories and can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.  You can find these lovely hearth accessories made to complement other fireplace necessities like your screen and tools.  By buying an accentuating basket, you will both unify the hearth décor while also keeping wood close by for those nights when you don’t want to run outdoors to retrieve it from exterior storage.

Finally, you should also have a log carrier that transports wood from the exterior rack to your basket near the fireplace.  A carrier allows you to not only carry more wood inside, but they also keep your clothes and flooring free from bark, debris, and dirt.  As an added bonus, many carriers are also available to complement other hearth accessories so take your time to find one that will accentuate your tools, basket, and other fireplace goodies.

Life is indeed in the details and you need to have all of the hearth accessories in order to really enjoy your fireplace.  Wood storage and transport are critical elements to maintaining your hearth.  Make sure that your exterior unit is of the highest quality and built to endure the test of Mother Nature year in and year out.  Wood baskets and log holders are both hearth accessories that can add decorative flair to the fireplace area while still proving very useful in building and maintaining fires.