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Patio Heaters by Endless Summer

This year extend the enjoyment of your outdoor season. Our gas or electric Patio Heaters will bring comfort and warmth to your patio or deck while your neighbors are still waiting to use theirs. Your outdoor enjoyment will start much earlier this spring and last later this fall. Within minutes you can turn up your Patio Heater and enjoy a warm cup of morning coffee or an after dinner libation. Fully adjustable temperature control will allow you to dial-in just the right amount of heat so you can enjoy your patio, deck, back yard or pool with friends and family like never before.
Commercial Outdoor LP Gas Patio Heater
Commercial Outdoor LP Gas Patio Heater - Triple Dome
Commercial Outdoor LP Gas Patio Heater

Compare at: $744.84
Commercial Outdoor LP Gas Patio Heater - Triple Dome

Compare at: $961.24

Patio Heaters Make a Great Backyard Heating Option

One of the most depressing things about having a really beautiful yard complete with all the trimmings (pool, deck, patio, etc.) is that the actual season is so short for most of us.  By the time the spring rains and frigid temperatures pass, we only have a few months before we have to start packing up the gear and putting everything up for the winter.  But, if you have the proper backyard heating options in place, you can extend the season while giving your exterior space and entirely new dimension.

Patios are some of the most beautiful and expensive exterior spaces which is why it can be so painful to see them unused for the majority of the year.  Patio heaters, however, can provide 80,000 or more BTU's and keep the average patio area warm long after the neighbors have packed it in for the winter.  

Some of the less expensive patio heaters are powered by propane tanks much like those used on the average gas grill.  Higher end models can be directly powered by the gas supply used to heat the house.  Of course, these better models also require more installation time but the effort is well worth it to avoid the expense and hassle of constantly refilling the propane tanks.

Firepits are another great option for anyone with a deck or patio area and they are the modern equivalent of the old-fashioned "bonfire pit".  Firepits are great because they can accommodate a large sitting area and keep everyone warm and cozy well into the evening, even on chilly Spring or Fall nights!  Like the heaters for the patio, it is possible to find both the propane and the directly fueled units.

Now whenever possible and for anyone looking to really kick up their exterior décor up a notch or ten, exterior fireplaces are truly the best way to go.  Perfect for setting a relaxing ambiance and creating a natural focal point, fireplaces are the apex of exterior heating options.  Plus, an exterior fireplace will heat up large sitting areas and truly extend the season well beyond what would otherwise be possible for maximum enjoyment of the space.

Whatever exterior heating option you choose, the added decorative appeal and functional heat provided by a patio heater, firepit, or exterior fireplace makes them well worth the investment.  Just be sure to choose the option that is best suited to your tastes, décor, and budget so that you can enjoy your exterior space in warmth and beauty for many years to come.

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