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Fireplace Tools & Fireplace Tool Sets

Poker anyone? No, we are not talking Texas Hold'em, we are talking fireplace pokers, and other fireplace tools such as a broom, shovel, and tongs, everything that you will need to keep the fire burning all night long, conveniently stored on a portable stand. Set it off to the side on your hearth, right where it belongs. Relax and enjoy your fire!   Don't forget to check out our selection of fireplace screens that are designed to coordinate nicely with the fireplace tools for a unified look on your hearth.

fireplace screens and essential element of style


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Shop our top selling Fireplace Tool Sets below:

30"H Pewter Heart Fireplace Tool Set
33"H Black Antique Scroll Fireplace Tool Set
31"H Black Diamond Fireplace Tool Set
30"H Pewter Heart Fireplace Tool Set

Compare at: $191.95
33"H Black Antique Scroll Fireplace Tool Set

Compare at: $237.95
31"H Black Diamond Fireplace Tool Set

Compare at: $160.95
Vintage Iron Shovel
32"H 5 Pc Pewter Wrought Iron Fireset
Vintage Iron Shovel

Compare at: $41.95
32"H 5 Pc Pewter Wrought Iron Fireset

Compare at: $180.95

Fireplace Tools - How to choose the perfect ensemble

The use of the fireplace varies widely from home to home. Some families love to have a warm, cozy fire to cuddle up to on brisk fall days or cold winter nights; others use their fireplace as a primarily decorative accent and rarely light a fire, if at all. But one thing remains the same in all of the different households which posses a fireplace, people want their fireplace to look beautiful and to add to the home's decor rather than take away from it.

For this reason, it is very important to pay special attention to the type of fireplace tools that you select for your fireplace. The right fireplace tool ensemble can accent your hearth and make it a focal point to be truly proud of. The wrong set, on the other hand, can become an eyesore, especially if you choose your ensemble based on practicality alone. It is very important to find the perfect balance between beauty and practicality when selecting your fireplace tools.

The most common materials used to create a fireplace tool set are iron and brass, but there are also many other materials to be found including chrome, bronze, copper, nickel, wrought iron and pewter. Fireplace tools can range from being simplistic in design to being elegantly styled with gorgeous accents made of materials such as marble and cherry wood.

When selecting your fireplace tools you need to keep in mind the ensemble's style and durability. Your room's decor will direct you in the way to go as far as style. If your room is formal in design, you might try looking at fireplace tools constructed with solid brass. These sets tend to be more formal in design. On the other hand, if your space is casual or rustic, a wrought iron ensemble might be the way to go. Also if you have a fireplace screen, there are usually coordinating fireplace tools and other accessories that can help you tie a space together without having to give it much thought.

If you tend to use your fireplace a lot, stick with tools that are made with more durable materials, but if you only use your fireplace as a decorative accent, you can cut some corners and purchase an ensemble based on looks alone. You might even be able to save money by purchasing tools which are plated instead of constructed with solid materials. These fireplace tools are not crafted with heavy use in mind but could be the perfect option for those looking for a decorative accent only.

You should also keep in mind the scale of your fireplace and select your fireplace tools accordingly. For example: If you have a very large fireplace, choosing a fireplace tool ensemble that is also grand in scale would be your best bet, but choosing the same set for a small fireplace would probably make your space look crowded and haphazard.

So, remember to look at both the look and practical use of the set before deciding on which fireplace tools to select for your hearth. Fireplace tools can last a lifetime, choose wisely.

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