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Take A Look At Some Of Our Favorite Screens

39"W x 31"H Black Fireplace Screen
52"W x 32"H Black Wrought Iron Omro Fireplace Screen with Doors
39"W x 31"H Graphite Shakespeare's Garden Fireplace Screen
39"W x 31"H Black Fireplace Screen

Compare at: $320.95
52"W x 32"H Black Wrought Iron Omro Fireplace Screen with Doors

Compare at: $222.95
39"W x 31"H Graphite Shakespeare's Garden Fireplace Screen

Compare at: $559.95
44"W x 33"H Burnished Bronze Arched Fireplace Screen with Doors
44"W x 33"H Burnished Bronze Arched Fireplace Screen with Doors

Compare at: $614.95

Selecting a Fireplace Screen

Fireplace screens are the perfect addition to any fireplace. While they are very practical in that they prevent the sparks and ashes from the fire from entering your living space, they can also be a beautiful accent to your home's decor and make your fireplace a focal point to be truly proud of.

There are two basic types of fireplace screens which include the flat screen and the folded screen. The flat fireplace screen consists of a solid, unbendable structure which sits directly in front of your fireplace. This type of screen is perfect for those with children or pets that like to get a little too close to the fire.  The flat screen is also available as a fireplace screen with doors. The folded screen is constructed using 3, 4, or 5 panels and sits a little out from your fireplace.  The folded fireplace screen is great for those who do not want to have to move the screen each time they tend the fire and for large fireplaces.

Both flat and folding fireplace screens come in a variety of styles to compliment any home's décor including Antique, Traditional, Contemporary, and Country. There are also many materials to choose from such as steel, brass, wrought iron, copper, glass, stained glass and polished iron. Fireplace screens can range from practical and plain to elaborately crafted pieces of art which are not really practical for containing a fire but are a very exquisite addition to any décor.

When selecting a fireplace screen for Antique or Victorian decorating styles, choose pieces which are constructed from gold or brass. These fireplace screens usually have some type of decorative element such as a scroll, swirl or flower and are always elegantly designed. While these types of fireplace screens can also be incorporated into other types of decor, they do not work well with Contemporary or Casual styles.
Traditional fireplace screens, on the other hand, work well with any decorating style. They are identified by clean, classic, simple lines and can be constructed from variety of materials.

Artistic or designer fireplace screens are usually reserved for people that don't utilize the fireplace a great deal but want to make their fireplace an elaborately designed focal point. This category contains fireplace screens such as those crafted with stained glass.

Another thing to keep in mind when selecting the perfect fireplace screen for your space is to choose a screen that coordinates with your color scheme.  For rooms done in warm colors, your best finishes are copper, bronze, rust, gold, black or any shade of brown. For rooms done in cool colors, your best finishes are brass, stainless steel, pewter, aluminum, white or black.

Also be sure to measure your fireplace before shopping for fireplace screens. Once you have the measurements, add 10 to 12 inches to the width and approximately 1-3 inches to the height to find the right size screen for your fireplace if you are choosing a folding screen.  For single panel firescreens, the screen should overlap the fireplace opening by 1-3 inches for overall spark protection.

By doing a little bit of planning and research now, you will be sure to choose a fireplace screen that is perfect for your space and one that will be enjoyed by your family for years to come.

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