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Fireplace Facts

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History of Fireplace Screens and Fireplaces

The fireplace has been providing heat and a means of cooking since late civilization. The earliest method of providing interior heating was an open fire with methods such as a fireplace. Fireplace Screens were created as devices to help regulate the spread of heat throughout the room and as a safety measure to keep sparks from escaping. In the summer months when fires would not be lit, the fireplace screen still had a function. The fireplace screens were used to hide the grate and blackened hole where the fires roared in the wintertime. By the 19th century different fireplace screen styles became available. Not only were they adjustable and portable, they became very ornate and decorative. Although fireplace screens were originally utilitarian in nature, they are now usually featured as a decorative front. Fireplace Screens offers a wide range of fire screens from your basic model to elaborately filigreed works of art. Accessorize the heart of your home with one of our beautiful Fireplace Screens. You also may view more about the history of fireplaces and fireplace screens. Click Here for more details.

About Fireplace Tools, Log Holders, Andirons, and other Fireplace Accessories

You are now on your way to dressing your fireplace with the right fireplace screen. The second most important thing you will need is a Fireplace Tool Set. Most fireplace tool sets contain the same four pieces - a poker for stoking the fire, a set of tongs for grasping the logs, and a broom and dustpan set for cleaning ashes. Although the fireplace tool sets are standard, they are available in a wide variety of finishes and styles as well as solid brass. Log holders and log racks can range from the chic to the practical, often coordinating with the fireplace screen and fireplace tool set. The logs holders are the perfect place to store your firewood if you do not have a built-in wood box. Most of our log racks come with a canvas or leather carrier for easy transportation of the firewood. These basic fireplace accessories are essential for keeping your fireplace in order and looking beautiful. Fenders and andirons make a nice finishing touch. Andirons were originally used to hold the wood in the fireplace and are the oldest of fireplace furnishings. They were widely used from the Late Iron Age. Most andirons were made from heavy gauge steel, cast iron, or solid brass. After the fire was out, the andirons would still radiate heat into the room. Nowadays, andirons are primarily used for decorative purposes. Wood grates are used to hold the wood instead. Like fireplace screens and log holders, andirons range in style from the basic to the very ornate and decorative. Last, but not least is a bellow. An absolute must and certainly worth saving your breath. Every fire needs oxygen to burn and a bellow can give your fire that added boost of oxygen to set it roaring, while saving you from hyperventilating.

How to Measure Your Fireplace Screens

After selecting the perfect fireplace screen design, you want to confirm it is the correct size for your fireplace. When measuring your fireplace, add approximately 10 - 12 inches to the actual width of your fireplace opening. This will allow for enough fold in the fire place screen and will prevent it from tipping over. Your fireplace screen should be at least 1-3 inches taller than the actual fireplace opening. These helpful hints will help you find the perfect fireplace accessories for your home.

Building a Fire in Your Fireplace

The temperature is falling. You want to get cozy with friends and family. Now is the time to be in the best spot in your house - near your fireplace. Before you put your new fireplace screens, log racks and fireplace tool set to use, you must first know the basics of building a great fire. Start by making sure the chimney flue is open. Then, crumple a few sheets of newspaper and place beneath the andirons. Use dry shavings and kindling. Stack it in a teepee-like pile on top of the paper, leaving plenty of air space. Light the paper and as the small material burns briskly add a few small pieces of wood on top of the andirons. Add larger pieces of wood as the fire begins to take and work up to medium-sized logs. To maintain your hot coal bed, add bigger logs. We recommend laying two logs horizontally across the andirons and a third diagonally over the top of the two logs. Keep replacing the logs as needed.

We hope you enjoy your warm fire and new fireplace accessories. For questions or more information, please Contact Us.

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