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Functional and Decorative Fireplace Accessories

Embellish your hearth with our wide selection of fireplace accessories. From match holders to firepots, andirons to fireplace bellows, and even a popcorn popper, these hearth accessories are sure to add just the right touch to your fireplace enjoyment.

Fireplace Accessories
Fireplace Accessories
Fireplace Accessories
Fireplace Accessories
Fireplace Accessories
Fireplace Accessories
Fireplace Accessories
Fireplace Accessories
Fireplace Accessories
Fireplace Accessories
Fireplace Accessories
Fireplace Accessories
Fireplace Accessories
Fireplace Accessories
Fireplace Accessories
Fireplace Accessories
Fireplace Accessories
Fireplace Accessories

Accessorizing Your Fireplace

Accessorizing your fireplace correctly means that you have made the hearth the focal point of the room-and that is definitely a good thing!  The fireplace is where stockings are hung with care, hot chocolate is sipped, and lovers rekindle romance.  Here are some tips to help with accessorizing your fireplace so that it brings warmth to your living room whether there is a fire going or not.

Before deciding on your fireplace accessories take a good look around the living room and decide what style it is decorated in.  Do you have a contemporary décor with a lot of clean lines, open spaces including vaulted ceilings, and bold colors such as black?  Or perhaps you have a more laid back décor such as in the traditional style with a lot of floral patterns or plain colors on the upholstery and furniture made with gentle curves.  Then again, maybe you have wainscoting going up the wall and your fixtures and furniture have a great deal of detail such as in the craftsman tradition.  Accessorizing your fireplace correctly means matching all of the accessories for your hearth to the décor of your home.  By deciding upon a style first, you have a starting point from which to base your decisions.

Accessorizing your fireplace is not something that can be done with any single shopping trip.  You want to begin with the essentials, first.  As it is dangerous to think about lighting a fire without a proper screen, accessorizing your fireplace should begin with finding a good shield against the sparks.  It is important to remember that the fireplace screen is both decorative and functional.  You will have to look at this fireplace accessory every day so it is important to find one that draws attention to the fireplace but still provides good spark protection.  So long as the screen is at least 1 inch wider and taller than the fireplace opening, the spark protection should be adequate.  Remember, accessorizing your fireplace is a process so take your time finding the right fireplace screen because they can be expensive to replace should you not like your choice down the road!

There are three fundamentals you still need when accessorizing your fireplace before you are ready to use your hearth:  fireplace tools, a log holder, and a grate.  Fireplace tools help you to manage the fire and clean up afterwards.  Buying a cheap set may get you through but they will most likely look awkward with your décor and you will wind up buying ones that match your home anyway-so choose carefully!  An exterior log rack need not be pretty but it is necessary to keep your wood dry.  An interior decorative fireplace wood holder will make life a lot easier on you because running outside to get more wood can really be a mood killer.  Finally, a grate or set of andirons are essentials when accessorizing your fireplace because they make sure that the wood has enough air flow to breathe.  If you choose not to burn a wood fire, but still want the ambiance of a fire, you may want to consider a fireplace candelabra in place of burning wood. 

Once you have the essentials, you can begin accessorizing your fireplace with wood baskets, fireplace bellows, firebacks, and whatever you desire.  Just remember to stick with the theme of your décor and accessorizing your fireplace will become an obsession because every addition adds a little more character and charm to your hearth.

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