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Fireplace Accessories - Perfection is in the Details

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A fireplace is almost always one of the most cherished features of any home.  Great for sitting around during family gatherings or just to enjoy on those brisk fall and winter nights, the hearth greatly enhances the overall satisfaction of any homeowner.  But to truly get the most enjoyment out of your fireplace it is important that you have all the right fireplace accessories to help facilitate a smooth fire making experience.

Firestarters may not rise to the level of functional necessity like a set of fireplace tools or even a screen, but they will definitely be appreciated by anyone who has ever had trouble getting a fire started.  Fire starters are available in a wide assortment of styles and materials that are functional while still enhancing the overall hearth décor so be sure to take some time to find the perfect one for your home.

Another option to consider when starting a fire is to use fatwood.  This simple yet useful hearth accessory is typically pine wood that is roughly ½ inch in diameter and around 8 inches long.  The pine has been soaked in pitch which is a flammable substance that is very easy to light and is then self-sustaining.  Simply place two or three pieces at the bottom of the fire with your large logs next.  You can also use this hearth accessory to light a barbecue, wood stove, or even to start a campfire when camping.

While getting a fire started may not be difficult in most circumstances, this is not necessarily the case if you recently purchased some new firewood or stored it in a place where it is exposed to the elements.  Because fires all need oxygen, fireplace bellows are a great hearth accessory to have as they can be used to intensify a fire and get it roaring.  Bellows also are a great decorative feature when prominently positioned making them both functional and a way to add some character to the hearth area.

Finally, in addition to fireplace lighters and implements to help keep the fire going strong, you may wish to consider a set of gloves.  Firewood is often dirty and teaming with all types of things that you most likely don’t want to get on your hands.  A set of fireplace gloves will protect your hands and make the entire fire building process more enjoyable because you won’t have to wash up afterwards.

Your fireplace will indeed bring you year after year of satisfaction and enjoyment but you need to have the right accessories to make the fire building process as simple and easy as possible.  There will always be times when the fire wood is too wet or perhaps just a pain to light.  Perfection is indeed in the details so make sure to stock up on all of the hearth accessories listed above so you can get the most enjoyment out of your hearth!