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Kidco Hearth Gate

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Kidco Hearth Gate & Child Safety Fireplace Screens

Protecting your family is your number one concern and now you can enjoy your fireplace at the same time. The Kidco Hearth Gate attaches securely to your surrounding wall and includes a door for easy access to your fireplace. Gate extensions are available for a custom fit. The screen has a cross bar for added support to prevent it from tipping over.
86"W x 30"H Large Child Safety Stove Guard
81"W x 30.5"H Black Hector Fireplace Screen
Child Safety Gate by Kidco
86"W x 30"H Large Child Safety Stove Guard

Compare at: $225.95
81"W x 30.5"H Black Hector Fireplace Screen

Compare at: $122.95
Child Safety Gate by Kidco

Compare at: $261.95

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