The Hottest Selling -Heininger’s Propane Outdoor Fire Pit Model-5995


Traditional hearth is slowly moving backward with the introduction of the innovative Fire Pits that are available in the market. With this, people are no longer confining to kitchen but everywhere, indoors or outdoors.

There are various brands in the market that manufactures excellent fire pits; however, Heininger is one of the topmost brands that produce high quality outdoor fire pits.

This particular model – 5995 is one of the hottest selling outdoor fire pits across the countries. It’s popular choice worldwide and the most opted fire pit by users across the world.

Some of the Best & Attractive Features about Heininger’s Outdoor Fire Pit:

  • It’s light weight in design, highly portable, so you can easily carry for outdoor purposes such as picnics, camping or backyard gathering with your family members after dinner.
  • This particular model has the capacity for 58,000 BTUs which is great for producing high quality heat and warm of the fire for all to enjoy.
  • You will enjoy the heat of the smokeless fire and it burns clean without sparks or flying embers which are annoying and destructive.
  • It’s uniquely and specially designed for all season and all weather; so you are free to use anytime during winter or summer, morning or evening.
  • The Heininger outdoor fire pit is very attractive and appealing to look when it burns in full flames with the cut out design of the main body.
  • It has a sturdy and durable four leg round stand, which keeps the fire pit firm and strong enough to hold the weight of the body even when its load with decorative rocks for burning.
  • Heininger fire pit burns smokeless and sparkles, though it has flames; so you may not require fireplace screen or cover and to protect the flying embers unlike in other outdoor fire pits which used firewood or charcoal.

Other Specifications about the model of this Fire Pit.   

The dimension of the this outdoor fire pit is 19.2inches x 19.2 inches x 11.5 inches

Heininger propane fire pit model No. 5995 weights about 22 pounds only

This fire pit comes with 6 foot hose which is included along with this package.

It has an excellent regulator for connecting the device with the propane gas.

The regular 20 to 30 pounds cylinder or a LP propane tank would be great for this fire pit, though you may even use smaller cylinder.

The package comes with decorative rocks for burning successfully and efficiently.

What are some of its Drawbacks  

  • Being a propane fire pit you will not be able to use charcoal or firewood for burning on this fire pit. However, this propane fire pit will produce sufficient heat for the entire family to enjoy the warm of the fire on cold winter evenings.
  • There is no built in igniter in this fire pit; however lighting up the unit or start up is quite easy and convenient.
  • The package doesn’t include LP Propane cylinder, so you may need to purchase separately as per your choice and requirement.
  • For some the size of the fire pit is too small for the whole family to gather around it, however, to be portable and easy to carry anywhere, we need to also consider the size and the weight of the fire pit.


The Heininger portable outdoor fire pit would be the most perfect center piece for any outdoor adventures with friends or family members. You can use for multiple purposes since it’s easy to carry and very effective in producing great amount of heat for all to experience the comfort and pleasure of seating around the fireplace.

Enjoy the warm of the fire with Heininger’s Propane Fire Pit with your best friends during cold and chilly evenings at your backyard or garden site.